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There’s a good reason as to why We Do Splits is Melbourne’s Leading  split system supply and installation team. That’s because we take care of the whole installation process from start to finish. We ensure you are making the right decision when it comes to:

  • The Brand/manufacturerof your split system air conditioner
  • The size and specific design typeof your split system air conditioner air conditioner
  • The best possible location for your air conditioning installation ensure optimal performance

We have over 25 years experience in both the electrical and air conditioning industry and we run our business in an honest and reliable fashion. We are happy to visit your property for a quote, discuss your specific air conditioning requirements and answer any questions you might have. We can then put together a free customized quote with details as to exactly what materials and labour will be required to complete your split system installation so that there are no surprises or hidden extras on the day.

Perhaps you don’t have time for an on site quote or know what air conditioner you need? No problem, either send us your plans or call us do discuss your air conditioning needs. You can also visit our online store to browse all of the air conditioner we have available for purchase and installation directly keeping things easy and simple.

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Wall Hung Split Systems Air Conditioner

daikin split system air conditione

Wall hung split systems are made up of 2 separate components. And indoor unit which is mounted to the wall up high close to the ceiling inside the house, and an outdoor compressor unit which is installed outside on either on a concrete slab at ground level, a wall bracket on the outside wall or a roof bracket on the roof. These two separate units are connected by insulated copper pipes and electrical wiring which allows them to communicate a work accordingly to provide the inside of the home with either heating or cooling. To install a split system it Depends on the size, brand and power  of the unit. for small units a local power supply can be used, for larger more powerful units a dedicated power supply direct from your switchboard is required.

Wall split systems are designed to provide cooling and heating for the room they are installed in, small units are suitable for small rooms such as bedrooms or offices, larger more powerful units are suitable four lounge rooms and open plan living areas.  Wall Split Systems have a powerful drum fan inside them that ensures the air is distributed to every corner of the room, they are also extremely energy efficient as they give the capability of controlling only the temperature of one room, not your entire house. Some of the high quality brands also include purifying filters to keep the air clean and dust free for you and your family. Wall split systems are the popular type of split system to install into a house, they are compact, efficient, aesthetically please and blend in with your home décor.

Ceiling Cassete Air conditioner

cassete split system installation

A Ceiling cassette system works very similar to the wall split system in the sense that it also has 2 separate components that work together to heat and cool. The main difference is the indoor unit which is mounted in the roof space above the ceiling instead of on the wall. Ceiling cassettes are more expensive than wall split systems and are generally used when there is no wall space available and when the unit needs to be completely concealed.

Ceiling cassettes are a good option for shops, offices and commercial business. The indoor unit often remains unnoticed as the bulk of the unit is hidden in the ceiling space not visible from below.

The performance and efficiency of ceiling cassettes is similar to wall split systems, however because they are used mainly for offices and commercial premises they  are more powerful than wall mounted split systems. They are best suited to when a wall split system is not an option as they are more expensive and time consuming install

Multi Head Split system Air conditioners

multi head split system air conditioner

A Multi-head split systems work in much the same way as the above mentioned type of split systems however they offer a wider range of versatility. Multi Head split systems will basically use one larger outdoor compressor unit which has the power and functionality to connect to and run multiple indoor units. The indoor units can be a combination of wall split systems and ceiling cassettes and up to 8 can be connected with only one outdoor compressor unit. Multi Head split systems are a great option when you don’t much outdoor space to place more than one compressor.

Multi head split systems make cooling your whole home with split systems a feasible option. Some of our inverter multi head split systems allow up to 8 indoor units to connect to one outdoor compressor, pretty impressive. This can keeps your outdoor space and external aesthetics of your home maximized and makes for an economic multiple room heating and cooling option

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Choosing the right size split system air conditioner for you

sizing chart

Choosing the right size air conditioner in Melbourne for your home, office or business adds another question to the split system installation. A unit that is to small will struggle to maintain the set temperature in your room, especially on the hottest days when you really need it to work. A unit that is to large for any chosen room will fail to draw out the moisture in the air and will struggle on very humid days. So you can see why choosing the right size split systems needs to be correct.

Although there a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the size of your split system, the guide below will give you an idea of what size split system will suit each room in your home. Remember if you’re unsure we are only a call away to provide assistance.

Split System Installation Types in Melbourne

So by this stage in your search for the perfect split system air conditioner you may have started to hear the term “back to back installation” being used to describe the most basic and cost effective type of split system installation. But what does “back to back” actually mean? what does a back to back installation look like? why is it the best way to have a split system installed? And what exactly is included.

A standard back to back installation is classified as being an installation that takes place on a single story house. The indoor unit is installed inside on an external wall and the outdoor compressor units is installed directly behind the indoor unit but on the outside of the wall. this is a “back to back” installation

installation guide