Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi air conditioners Melbourne

Looking for a team who can look after your mitsubishi air conditioning installation installation? look no further, you’ve found us. Our team at We Do Spits are highly specialized in the supply and installation of split system air conditioner across Melbourne and its surrounding suburb, we offer a fully comprehensive service which includes visiting your site for a free quotation, supply the best aplit system for your installation, and showing the best features and settings for for your home

Mitsubishi are one of the leading manufacturer of split system air conditioner and are available all over Melbourne. we are happy to recommend mitsubishi  and we can help you with your supply an installation of any Mitsubishi split system air conditioner

Mitsubishi electric Air conditiners

Mitsubishi electric are just one of the two Mitsubishi brands. Mitsubishi electric have a wide range of air conditioners suitable for most, if not all applications. The range includes Wall hung split systems,air conditioners, ducted split system air conditioners, floor console air conditioner, multi head split systems and many more. the most popular and advanced Products from mitsubishi electric are their residential range of split system air conditioners. the range focuses on:

  • Sophisticated design

    these air conditioner are built strong, they offer a simplistic design and ease of use,  they are slim and powerful, and offer stunning design to fir into any style of home nicely. Both indoor and outdoor units are tested thoroughly to ensure a high caliber of durability and sustainability through out its life span. with easy access taken into account during the design process this air conditioner is a breeze to keep clean and change filters.

  • specialized air cleaning technology

    Each split system come with the aded feature of The Nano Platinum Deodorising filters. these filter work constantly throughout the day to catch and reduce airborne bacteria building up in the split system fan coil. they make sure to constantly improve air quality throughout your home. The optional Electro Static Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter use static electricity to catch allergens in the air with a magnet like affect, effectively combating common nasties from your home

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Mitsubishi heavy Industries air conditiones

Mitsubishi heavy Industries have been in the air conditioning game decades. similar to mitsubishi electric, they offer a wide range of air conditioning units for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  at affordable cost

with more than 130 years of advancements, Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning range is hard to beat. The huge variety of residential air conditioning units have been designed specifically to cater to the Australian climate and humidity

super efficient, reliable design and a range and of convenient and modern features and which are designed to give you total control and comfort. Mitsubishi heavy industry air conditioners have been designed to deliver comfort to Australians all year round

Mitsubishi Split systems

Mitsubishi Wall mounted split systems among Australia’s most popular  air conditioner for heating and cooling throughout melbourne. They are designed with easy installation in mind, are super efficient to run and come in a wide range of colours styles an shapes for your preference.

made up of an indoor fancoil unit which is installed on a wall inside your home and an outdoor condensor unit which is intalled on the outside of your home. these two units work together with easy communications to  provide a stylish and elegant heating and cooling solution for all the spaces in your home.

Our wall mounted units are available in a range of capacities to suit any home, with both reverse cycle and cool only models available.