Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner

Fujitsu split system air conditioners are a true fan favorite across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. At we Do Splits we work with Fujitsu air conditioners every day, and know them inside and out.  we are equipped with the expertise knowledge and corrected licenses to work with fujitsu air conditioners confidently and correctly. We can also offer you a great service and pricing for the Supply and installation of Fujitsu split systems in Melbourne.

Fujitsu have a huge range of split system air conditioners to suit every application imaginable. the most popular being the new Fujitsu life style range which boasts slim and modern design, great energy efficiency, human censor control,  economy or power mode and timer functions.

The second popular range is the fujitsu designer split system air conditioner range. this designer range is equipped with all of the great features of the lifestyle range, with some added extras and an award winning design that fits perfect with new age homes and decor.

Fujitsu air conditioners are definitely a name you can trust. They are one of the industry leaders in air conditioning technology.

Fujitsu Split system Life style range

  • the Fujitsu Life Style range offer great bang for your buck. youll be getting a indutry awarded split system air conitioner with amazing features and and 5 year warranty for a seriously good price
  • enjoy light yet easy design throughout the indoor units of the range, so all of the fujitsu air condioners through this range can maintain a nice consistent look and feel inside your home.
  • The Lifestyle Range are the most energy efficient split system air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. offering a 5 star energy rating fr you
  • Lifestyle Range models feature the amazing human sensor feature, which ensures optimal efficiency and control of your temperature.

Fujitsu Split System Designer Range

  • The Fujitsu Designer Range is based on its futuristic design and modern finish. The dual attraction  of sleek good looks and functional smart features makes them an air conditioner to truly behold in not only in form, but quality and usablity as well.
  • the fujitsu Designer Range of split system air conditioners use many unique and impressive features  
  • sleek,Simple and sophisticated remote controllers allow you to tailor your temperature in style and ease with the simple touch of a button
  • the human sensor  feature, which senses people entering and leaving the room provides great efficiency and easy temperature adjustment.

Fujitsu air conditioning Melbourne

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