We Do Splits also specialize in the supply and installation of reverse cycle ducted air conditioners across Melbourne for new and existing homes and developments.

We understand that building a new home can be a difficult and stressful experience, that’s why once again we use a tailored plan of action that covers your ducted air conditioning installation from supply all way through to the final commissioning.

Enjoy your ideal temperature control all year round with a professionally installed ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system by We do Splits. We pride ourselves on supplying and installing only the most reliable and efficient air conditioners on the market throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We can supply and install multiple brands of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners for your new or existing home, office or commercial space.

Ducted air conditioners are a

Cool or heat multiple rooms at once

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners are designed to heat and cool an entire home, or at the least multiple rooms. a ducted system will use a series of ventilation ducts that are hidden inside to ceiling cavity to distribute the conditioned air to all of the different rooms throughout the house allowing or uniformed temperatures throughout. This is the main advantage of a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner, it has the power and functionality to heat and cool your entire home with the simple press of a button.

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Inverter technology has meant that reverse cycle ducted air conditioners chewing thought your power bill are a thing of the past. Although ducted systems must be powerful enough to heat and cool an entire home, they remain relatively economical especially when being zoned into 2 or every 3 separate zones. Allowing them to reach the desired temperature quickly and avoid heating or cooling areas of the house that aren’t being used.

To get more details and specifications of the revere cycle ducted split systems that we supply and their prices please visit our online store

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Benefits of ducted air conditioning

  • Entire home solution: Every room is air conditioned summer and winter..
  • Zones: Up to 6 separate air conditioned zones give flexibility and economy.
  • Aesthetics: With only vents or grilles mounted in the floor or ceiling being visible, ducted systems maintain your homes aesthetic feel into and the overall look of your rooms like a wall hung unit.
  • Noise: With all the noise producing equipment hidden away in either the ceiling, under the floor or outside, ducted air conditioning is extremely quiet
  • Value: a cost effective heating and cooling solution that will last you and your family for years to come
  • Easy control: Central temperature and zone control with preset timers
  • Very large range: 20 different systems are available including Inverters, and Premium systems from 7 to 27 kW cooling capacity. This huge range means there is a ducted solution for every application
  • Even air distribution: No hot or cold spots in your house


Overall the best advantage of refrigerated ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is that it quietly, effectively and inconspicuously allows you to take total control of your entire indoor climate. Ducted systems are flexible meaning that you can tailor them to your exact requirements. They offer the best value for money if you compare the area you need conditioned to their cost.