Daikin Air conditioning

Daikin Air conditioning Melbourne

Daikin split system sir conditioners are known as the rolls royce of air conditioning. there power, quality and over  all performance set them a bar above the rest when it come to air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

our experienced team at We Do splits offer a wide variety of Daikin air conditioners and split systems for supply and installation in across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. we specialize in the installation of split system air conditioners and daikin is one of proffered brands to install on a daily basis 

Daikin split system US7 Model

Daikin US7 Split system Air conditioner is a marvelous creation 

its the first 7 star energy rated split system in Australia taking the label of ‘Super Efficiency’ this  split system provides complete comfort and unrivaled enegy efficiency. while alos boasting some powerful and unique features such as air purification and de humidifying capabilities

Best Installation

  • dry climate, dense climate, humid climate
  • cleanses and purifies your air while running
  • unique design draws in fresh air from outsid

Daikin air conditioner Zena Model

Daikin Zena Split system air conditioner is deigned to be a feature in your home.

housing all the the modern function and feature, its sleek, stylish and refreshing  design matches seamlessly into the modern decor of your home. available in 3 distinct colors, white, black or wood finish 

Best Installation 

  • Modern designed homes and rooms with unique features
  • used to cool or a heat a specifically designated are of your home or a room
  • adds s stylish feature to your interior design

Daikin Split system Cobra Model

Daiking Cobra split systems pack an all around punch and wont let you down is the hottest times in of the year in Melbourne when you need you air condition system to work at its best. simple and snug, Daikin has delivered a whisper quiet, highly energy efficienct and reliable split system air conditioner without compromising on style.

Best Installation

  • Cooling and heating single small or large 
  • great choice for house holds conscious on energy consumption
  • fits in with modern house designs and decor

Daikin Split system Installation Melbourne

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