Air conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Sevice Melbourne

make sure to keep your air conditioner running in top top condition, working at high efficiency levels and avoid expensive breakdowns.  these are just some of the reasons you should be doing a regular air conditioning service once per year. We Do Splits offer a wide variety of air conditioning service packages ranging from , from basic essential air conditioning service, to deluxe premium air conditioning service. the choice is yours.

regular Air conditioning Service is just as important as the installation itself

Why Service your Air conditioner

like any household items that we use regular, air conditioners can benefit greatly from regular servicing from an experienced technician. just as you would service your car or your bike, your air conditioner also needs the correct care if its expected to run efficiently and affordably.. If you take the correct approach and schedule your regular air conditioning service with us you will enjoy the following benefits

  • ensure your systems has a long life span and works well for many years to come
  • find and fix any minor issues that may become major issues down the road
  • make sure your air conditioner if working in the most efficient way possible
  • test for correct electrical input and output 
  •  prevent your air conditioner from breaking down when you need it most
  •  cleaning or replacing filter systems to ensure any bacteria build up is eradicated and dust particles are removed

Recommended Service Schedule

it is recommended that your air conditioner service is taken care of yearly, and is allocated before a time of heavy usage. this would mean either before the beginning of the hot summer months. or before the beginning of the cold winter months. but i have not serviced your air conditioner for a very long time, then any time is a good time

our service team have a wide variety of experience servicing different make and model air conditioners in melbourne and surrounding suburbs. we work with daikin, fujitsu, mistsubishi and more

Your Trusted Air Conditioning Service Melbourne

Call us today to set up your yearly air conditioning service schedule and rest easy knowing your air conditioner is being loved and taken care of.

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