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Split system Installation Melbourne

Are you looking for the most effective air conditioning installation to keep your family comfortable at home? warm  and cozy during the  winter,  cool and calm during the summer. reverse cycle Split system air conditioners are made with this specifically in mind. with the technology of reverse cycle, your split system can be used for both heating and cooling, which makes it the perfect solution to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather patterns. Split system air conditioners are easy to install into existiing homes, very energy efficient to run and very easy on the eye.

We Do Splits are Specialist in the field of split system installations through out Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We offer of clients comprehensive split system supply and installation. which means we take care of your job from beginning to end. 

Split system Air conditioning installation

with our wide range of split system air conditioner models available for supply and installation in Melbourne, we have something to suit each and every one of our clients. A small split system air conditioner is perfect for installation into a bedroom or home office, while larger split system air conditioner are able to keep lounge rooms and large open plan living areas at your ideal temperature. split system air conditioners are easy to install, very efficient to run, and there new age design means that they suit the decor in your home nicely.

our team at we do splits can customize your split system installation from ” woe to go” call us for a free quote where we will guide and advise you on the best size and location split system for your specific installation. alternatively you can fill out our service form here and we will contact you asap 

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split system air conditioner's tick all the right boxes

  • easy installation
  • simple to use with many control functions
  • can cool single room or whole house
  • inverter technology ensuring energy efficient operation
  • sleek stylish design features
  • timer function available
  • very quiet to run
  • powerful fan-coil unit for long air flow
  • anti bacterial filters
  • self cleaning opeation
  • revese cycle – used for both cooling and heating

what is Reverse Cycle Air conditioning?

have you hear of the term reverse cycle split system air conditioner before? its a bit of a mouthful. Basically the term reverse cycle means that the functions of the split system air conditioner can be reversed.  this means that your new air conditioner can be used for both cooling and heating. 

Living is Melbourne we are all susceptible to the unpredictable and changing weather, we find ourselves complaining about the heat during summer time, and then hating the icy freeze of winter time just as much. thanks to reverse cycle technology your air conditioner can serve you all year round, keeping you cool during the hot summer months, and heating up the home during the icy winter freeze.

another up side the using the reverse cycle system is that you no longer need a traditional heater for your home. most new reverse cycle split systems have 5 or even 6 star energy ratings and can function at a much more efficient level that you traditional electric or gas heaters. this high efficiency rating also means less harm to the environments and l less green house gas released into the atmosphere.

if your sensitive to dust particles or germs that infiltrate you house via the traditional heating or cooling methods used in the past. you can sleep easy knowing that your new split system air conditioner is equipped with high grade allergen filters which are designed specifically to catch dust particles, gems and bacteria. keeping your home air quality clean and breathable.

Split System Air Conditioners Melbourne

We do splits offers a wide variety of air conditioner and split system installation in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. we have built our brand around offering our clients the best possible heating and cooling solutions for their specific needs. from single split systems, to multi head split systems to, full in home air conditioning solutions we have you covered . Our experienced team are available to guide you through the entire process of inspecting your home, sizing your rooms and installing your split system in the best location with a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship.

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