Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Split system Air Conditioner Installation Price

trying to figure our just how much your split system air conditioner is going to cost you? you’re in the right place. over the past 10 years the availability and technology of high grade air conditioners and split system has changed dramatically, and so has the price of installation. the rise in energy cost has been a driving force in the constant evolution of the air conditioning industry and in what is has to offer. split systems in particular have become a highly reliable, popular and cost effective solution for the majority of households. split system installation is cost effective, and 5 start energy efficiency ratings available with most models keep your monthly electricity price low

a split system installation cost will vary depending on a few things. but you can expect to pay anywhere from $680 to $1500 depending on your installation

  • the location of your air conditioner. – this a big factor. split system air conditioners are made up of 2 parts, an indoor and outdoor unit. the indoor unit is what you see hanging up on your wall inside the house blowing out nice cool air. the outdoor unit is installed somewhere on the outside of the house. if the outdoor unit can be installed in an easy place on the ground it will keep the cost of your installation low. if the outdoor unit needs to be installed on the roof, or attached to the wall, then your air conditioning installation price will be higher.
  • the size or your chosen air conditioner/split system – different houses, different shaped rooms, different ceiling heights will all  influence what size air conditioner you need for your home. this will in-turn affect the price of your air conditioner installation. a small unit means that the materials used for the installation will be of a smaller size and more cost effective. eg cost of copper pipes, electrical cables, wall bracket, mounting base will be small size meaning lower cost. larger units being installed will require large copper pipes, bigger electrical cables, large mounting base or wall bracket meaning i higher cost for materials
  • The distance between your indoor and outdoor unit – with all split system air conditioner installation the indoor and outdoor unit need to be in communication with one another. this means they are linking via electrical cables and refrigeration piping, is the 2 units are close together then less of these materials are require to link them together meaning lower installation cost. if there is a large distance between the indoor and outdoor unit then there will be more material required to link h=them together therefor the installation cost will be higher
  • single or double story home – this one is simple, if we are working on the second story of a house, we are usually working at heights which slows us down and requires more caution. we also need to have the proper ladders and safety equipment required to make sure we can work at the required heights. second story installations can also make it hare run electrical cables back to the switchboard, and the outdoor unit will usually require a wall mount. so second story installation price will be slightly higher. for single story or first floor installations things a kept much simple and easier, less materials are required, less difficulty is involve. cost of ground level installation is kept low

Quality Air Conditioning Installation at low cost

We Do Splits ensure that quality and perfection with each and ever air conditioner installation we do, while keeping our work at an affordable price that everyday people can afford.

  • Supply and Installation – we help you source the best air conditioner for your specific application and help you find the most effective and efficient location for installation
  • Cleanliness – we care about your home, thats why we work with precision, attention to detail and cleanliness. making sure we leave things as tidy as we found them
  •  instructions – we will give you a rundown on how to operate you new air conditioner and what functions and settings will be best for your home.
  • Certificates and warranty – after installation we issue you with your certifications of installation and 5 year workmanship guarantee.

Split system installation price 3.5kw Unit

Example split system installation cost for Fujitsu life style range 2.5kw

  • certificate of electrical safety and refrigeration installation
  • 5 year workmanship guarantee
  • concrete mounting base
  • electrical power supply to air conditioning unit installed specifically by a licensed electrician
  • high quality refrigeration piping
  • inner comms electrical cabling
  • cleaning us all rubbish from site
  • cost of installation – $700 – $900 inc gst

split system installation price 9kw unit

Example Split System Installation Price for Mitsubishi Electric 9kw

3 meters of refrigerant pipe and duct to cover it

4 meter of drain pipe

A plastic mounting base for the unit

Power to the unit including an isolating switch and 10 meters of cable reticulated within the fabric of the building to a local socket outlet**

A certificate of electrical safety

Removal of associated rubbish from site

cost of installation – $900 – $1100 incl gst