where to install your split system air conditioner

If your like most people that live in Melbourne, there will come a time when feel like your finally ready to install that split system air conditioner you’ve always been thinking about. It might happen during the hot summer months as you find your self being cooked and worn down by the sleepless 40 degree nights, it might come during the winter months when your wearing every piece of clothing that you own but you still feel cold, or it might come as a surprise option when your old heating and cooling system breaks down and its time for an upgrade. but make no mistake the time will come, and when it doesn’t we have plenty of options and information to guide you through the process of installing a split system air conditioner in your home.

In this blog post we are going to address one of the most common question that arises… Where to Install in your home should you install your air conditioner

Where to Install Your Split system air conditioner

The first answer to this question is easy,its simply a matte of asking yourself which area of your home you want to be able to heat and cool at the touch of a button.

It could be your master bedroom so you can keep that cosy temperature on point all through the night. It could be your living area, so you can invite guests around without the embarrassment of seeing them squirming in the seats due to the heat. It could be anywhere in your home that you want control of your temperature and your comfort.


Choosing what room/area we want to heat and cool is truly the easy part. The hard part comes when we ask what wall should we install our new split system on? Lets look at some key rules and points to take into consideration with this one.


The indoor fan-coil unit of split systems are built with a strong and reliable drum fan, this fan is used to disperse and spread the cool air across the room and into other open area of your house. So when we choose what wall to hand our indoor fan-coil unit on, we need to be sure that the airflow is not going to be compromised.

  • Installing the unit so that it faces an open area is key to allow the cool air to disperse through the entire area.
  • Also be sure that your installer mounts the unit at a good height the fan can direct the air a long distance and not straight down into the floor
  • make sure there is nothing in the way to block or impede the air flow. We have seen installations where a simple cupboard door when open distrusts and blocks the air flow


This another question that needs be addressed. is there an external wall in your room that has space for you split system air conditioner?

If you answered yes than your in luck. Using an external wall to install your air conditioner means that you will be able to take advantage of the ease and efficiency of the back to back installation. A back to back installation is where the fancoil (indoor) unit and the condensor (outdoor) unit are very close to one another.. hence the name “back to back installation”this type of installation has many positives and almost no negatives

  • it allows for ease of installation, which means cheaper installation cost for you from your Melbourne air conditioning installer
  • good effiencey and better running costs for your split system
  • no extra costs to run more refrigeration pipes or electrical cables in your roof space or underneath your house



Well this is where an installation can get tricky. Without an external wall to use for your “back to back installation” you no choice but to use an internal wall this means a few things

  • your split system installation is going to be more expensive that you may have first thought
  • your going to need an experienced and highly skilled air conditioner installer in melbourne to do the job correctly for you
  • extra refrigerant piping, electrical cables, capping mean more costs passed onto to you from your installer.


The reason that internal wall are hard to work with is because installer cannot simply bash a hole in the brickwork of your house in which to pass the rerfigerant pipes and electrical cables through. They must run all pipes/ cable and othe rcennectir parts up through the cieling space or down under the house.this make a job technically difficult, slow and much harder for your air conditioning installer


Sometime rooms are full of windows which take up most of the wall spaces. However in some instances there in enough space between the top of the window and the ceiling to install a split system air conditioner. Windows are an essential part of each and every house, but they are all designed slightly different. Before deciding to install your split system above a window, consult with an experience installer who can make appropriate measurements and who knows if the sype of window will allow for the installation.

beware the Steel Lentil. Most windows on external walls have a lentil running above them to support the framework of the house.. This lentil can take up alot of space above the window which means the air conditioner wont fit in the space after all! Be ware as lentils can be easily missed as they are inside the cavity of the wall


  • above window installations need to measure and prepared with precise details to make sure the unit will fit and function well in the space.
  • An experienced install must be used to take not of the lentil hidden in the wall space
  • the cost of your installation will be slightly higher than the preferable ?Back to back installation”

We hope some of this information helps you on your way.

Of course there are more questions to ask yourself when your do decide your ready to install a split system air conditioner in your home so please don’t hesitate to read our other articles air conditioner installation cost

or to contact us for a free quote

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